An Overview Of Various Jungle Safaris That Helps To Connect To Nature

The word safari has its root to Arabic which means journey. A jungle safari is an excellent way to discover the different various species of animals, birds, reptiles, fishes and fauna. Any form of safari is a lifetime experience, and you would always try to derive the most of it, by staying within your budget.

You can tailor your trip based on your budget and also of your passion for animals. The cost of the safari depends on a number of factors and the most important is the duration of the trip and also on your destination. Based on the cost and the nature of travel, jungle safaris are segregated in various parts.

Categories of Safaris

To start the list is the luxury tours, they charge exorbitant amounts per person, but these charges include foods, cost for accommodation and the excursion. Few of these tours have facilities that replicate the comfort of the home. For instance, private suites and air conditioned tents with private butler. These tours lay immense emphasis to pampering yourself in the midst of the green. On the other hand, the budget safaris are the less expensive one and the travelers are provided with basic facilities and you have to pitch your individual tents. These safaris fit easily in your budget and the duration of the budget safaris range in between three to four days.

Avenues to Keep Expenses Low

To keep the expenses of your trip low, there are few simple steps that you need to take. You can opt for an inexpensive accommodation in the vicinity of the national park of the sanctuary. Special discounts and rewards are often available on the total cost of the tour, you can also avail that. These offers are generally obtained during the off season. While booking for budget jungle safaris make sure that you choose a reserve that has ample number of your favorite animal. Your tour operators can be of great help in this regard.

Safari Nature Post

Drive Through the Jungle

Self-drive safaris are another type of safari that can help you to explore the national park by driving through the reserve. Driver, guides, crowds of tourists, you can avoid all of them with you behind the wheels of your vehicle. Though, few voyagers tend to avoid it as they have to take care of food and accommodation. If you plan your journey ahead you can couple your trip with camping or luxury safaris. This is cheaper than other safaris and you have the flexibility and freedom to move in the wilderness with increased chances of encountering your favorite animal.

Stay in Designated Camps

Camping safari is another way to connect with the wild. In this safari, you have to stay in the camps that have been assigned to you. You can explore the natural beauty of the reserve or national park. In India, few of the camps can be spotted bear the tadoba hotels. Few of these safaris have provision of restaurants, washing facilities and hot showers for the convenience of the travellers. Apart from delivering utmost happiness to tourists, it also has a minimum effect on the environment.

Absorb Nature with Overland Safaris

Overland safaris also known as mobile safaris are considered to be one of the cheapest modes to watch an animal in their natural setting. You will be accommodated in camps in the and along with the other travelers in the group, and you need to participate in activities like cooking food, setting the camp and other activities. Sturdy vehicles as trucks are used in the trip and you can observe the nature closely in this safari. Be it visiting the tribal villages in the outskirt or a herd of elephant, it is great to soak in the nature in this safari.

Author Bio: Dan Copper is a traveller and in his blog he has enlisted the various forms of safaris that can help him to save money. In his last trip, he had opted to stay at Tadoba Hotels and drive through the forest

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