Google patents new contact lens camera, will help the blind and much more

Soon cameras would be a completely different thing, forget having them in your pockets and imagine a camera which is a contact lens. That is exactly what Google has been working on as revealed in a recently published patent.

This even put Google Glass to shame, as the new patent from Google show how cameras can be a part of your body in the near future. This will be known as Contact Lens Cameras.

Google’s forthcoming computerized contact lenses won’t just be a tool to measure blood pressure for diabetes patient, the company has already started looking at a time when they will introduce an extremely tiny camera inside these lenses.


This camera will be able to snap images or pictures of whatever it is the user is looking at, this can be done using a special blink pattern. It will then send these images to a connected device which could be something like a smartphone in your pocket.

That is not all Google wants to achieve with this technology as the company sees many positive applications for it. A camera intact lens could offer valuable feedback to a blind person in many ways, by trying to help them avoid obstacles, etc. It could also notify a blind person if a friend of relative is walking by using some face recognition technology.

The applications for such technology are vast and while we do not expect it to hit commercial markets any time soon. When they do arrive we might have a lot of other technological developments which would go along with such a piece of glass. The guys over at Patent Bolt have already done an impressive break down for this technology and is an absolute must read if you are interested in knowing more about it.

Source: Slashgear

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