Facebook crosses 100 million users in India, now second after US

A new report revealed that Facebook has now crossed a 100 million users in India, making it the second country in the world to cross this milestone. TOI reports that the social networking giant crossed the mark on March 31, however is still behind US which has about 183 million users.

The new milestone suggests that Facebook has registered over six million new users in India in just a time of two month. As of January 30, Facebook had 94 million users in India of a total of its 1.22 billion users globally.

Facebook also revealed that out of the 96 million users from India, 76 percent (i.e. 73 million) users accessed the social network through mobile devices. Needless to say the percentage of mobile users would have certainly increased in two months with increased registrations from the country.
In talks with TOI, Facebook’s Javier Olivan said that the next milestone for the company would be to cross the 1 billion users mark in India.

Facebook has been focused on pushing its services towards users in India, by offering free or discounted access through smartphones or smart devices. We know that the company in the past has tied up with a few network providers for such offers.

Just recently they tried up with Airtel to give its prepaid users free access to the social network in nine regional languages. It has also tied up with Idea to give its 2G and 3G users free access of the the social network.

Source: Times of India

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