Windows 10 vs. Windows Phone 8.1 – Best Operating System of 2016

Windows 10 vs. Windows Phone 8.1

There are many Lumia models that are still running on Windows 8.1 and Microsoft is planning to upgrade many of them to Windows 10 Mobile. The latest Windows version for desktop PCs and laptops has been released in July 2015, while the mobile version was introduced on the Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones. In short time, the Lumia 520, 635, 735 and 920, with at least 4GB of inbuilt storage will receive the new software and the users want to know if it’s worth upgrading to Windows 10.

First of all, the home screens will have a new look. In Windows Phone 8.1, Live Tiles had a selected background, instead of a block color, making contents illegible, and this has been fixed in Windows 10. Live Tiles will sit on top of the background, as a translucent layer, making content easily to read.

Also, Outlook has received a new interface and the users will fully format text as they would do with a desktop computer. The camera application is more advanced, featuring a improved levels of manual control over photographic settings and the HDR mode is inbuilt.

Bing Maps will be replaced with Nokia’s HERE Maps, which will allow the users to download big areas of map data; Skype, the messaging application will be built into the messaging app (instead of SMS messages, the users with Windows 10 phones will send messages through Skype); IE will be history, as Spartan will be the new browser that will take its place; keyboard will get a joystick, which will be found at the bottom-left of the virtual keyboard and will be useful for correcting mistakes.

In Windows Phone 8.1, if your want to change something in the text, you need to press down on the touchscreen and pinpoint the part that must be corrected.

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