Windows 10 vs. Windows 7 – Why It’s Important To Upgrade To The Newer Version

Windows 10 vs. Windows 7

Many users were deeply disappointed of Windows 8 and decided to return to Windows 7, because they didn’t like the touchscreen interface and they preferred to wait until the release of another operating system. At the end of July 2015, Windows 10 was launched as a free upgrade from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, but the users needed a license key for them. The rest of the customers will pay $119 for the Home edition and $199 for the Pro version, but is it worth investing this amount of money on the latest OS?


The boot-up time in Windows 10 is quicker, the navigation feels nipper and the battery life on tablets and laptops has been extended. The gaming experience has been improved with the addition of DirectX 12, which enhances performance in fewer cores, so the users won’t need to upgrade their hardware to be able to play graphically demanding games.


Windows 8 had a touchscreen interface found on tablets, but the users didn’t have the possibility to interact with their screens. The Start screen had a flatter “modern” look, featuring square and rectangular boxes for applications (Tiles), which were very confusing. Windows brought flat and bold-styling desktop icons, while Control Panel and Computer Management interfaces have the same old icons.

Search and Start Menu

The Start Menu has been removed in Windows 8, but it returned in Windows 10, so the users can easily find the list of programs and documents, by typing in their names in the search box. In the latest OS, you will get also results for Windows Store apps or even information taken from the web.


The addition of this digital personal assistant, which was firstly introduced in Windows Phone 8.1, will make things easier for you, as it will monitor your email, calendar and search and offer relevant information, but at the same time, it will remind you when you have an appointment in a certain location.

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