Windows 10 Xbox One To Receive Gaming Updates – DirectX 12 Improvements Are Here

Windows 10 Xbox One

Windows Anniversary Edition is here and Microsoft has detailed some upcoming improvements that it will be released for gaming.

According to Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Microsoft is now focusing more than before on gaming on both PC and Xbox. However, this is not a big surprise, as the gaming industry is very important in the PC market. In addition, with the recent release of consumer virtual reality headsets, there is a big opportunity for all the parties (consumers, developers of games and developers of operating systems) to improve and update both hardware and software.

Phil Spencer added that the Universal Windows Platform will be awesome not only for the developers, but also for the users. In addition, thanks to the sandboxed application platform used on UWP, the system security will be improved, as the applications will be easily installed from the store.

Spencer confirmed that the UWP will be updated on May 2016, which will allow the users to disable V-Sync, and it will support FreeSync and G-SYNC monitors. With other words, the sync changes will be released before the summer Anniversary update.

We remind you that, currently, this is one of the biggest issues with UWP for gaming, on popular gaming titles such as “Rise of the Tomb Raider”. It is good to know that in the near future, probably with the summer update to Windows, it will support multi-GPU solution.

Xbox One Gains Access To The Windows Store

One of the big announcements that Microsoft has made yesterday, is that the Xbox One will have access to the Windows Store, once the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released. With other words, starting from this summer, the Xbox One owners will be able to install UWP applications on the Xbox One console.

Thanks to this update, the Xbox One console will also receive some new features, which include the ability to use Cortana for voice recognition. We remind you that at this point, Xbox supports only basic commands over voice, but Cortana will enable a much larger interaction with natural language.

To make things even better, native controls for UPW applications will also support controller input.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will come with more information at the upcoming E3 2016.

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