Windows 10 Preview Build Makes Cortana Available

Windows 10 Preview Build Cortana

Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant which was brought from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 is becoming available in more countries, and Microsoft has released a new Preview Build that allow the users from Brazil, Mexico, and Canada (the French speakers) to test out this feature. The preview build started rolling out on Friday and the members of the Insider Program will not only use the virtual assistant’s voice recognition, but they will also enjoy the accent that Microsoft has added in order to match the local dialect.

This is the beginning of Microsoft’s plans to reach its users’ hearts and the first changes will be “felt” by the users from three countries, who will be glad to listen to Cortana answering to questions in their native language. Mexicans, Brazilians and Canadians who speak French, will test out this feature before it gets released to the rest of the users.

Currently, Cortana is able to handle reminders that are partially filled out, so that the personal assistant could be asked to remind the users to do something even if they don’t specify a time or location, or the name of a person.

The users will record what they want Cortana to remind them later, then they will head to the assistant’s virtual notebook, they’ll add a parameter and Cortana will remind them of it when certain conditions will be met. For example, when the user will arrive to a location, Cortana will remind him to do what he had in mind. Soon, the users will no longer need to dig through the notebook, as they will just ask Cortana to set these reminders.

Also, the users with a login image will see a small login tweak to the screen, and the developers will soon allow them to choose a computer-selected picture from the Web (Windows Spotlight option).

The latest Build isn’t perfect, as the owners of a Surface Pro 3, Pro 4 or Surface Book are annoyed that their devices are locking up and even if they’re typing from the keyboard, or on the screen, or using the mouse, the input doesn’t take and they need to turn their devices off and on.

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