Windows 10 OS Newest Features are Protecting you Against Cyber Attacks

Windows 10 OS Cyber Attacks Protection

The Windows Defender has been firstly released as an Antispyware. However, soon enough, it became an antivirus that will detect and remove malware from your computer. Windows Defender has offered a baseline level of PC security for years already, but it seems that the hackers have started to develop more “smart” viruses that will try to avoid antivirus programs.

We live in an era where cyber attacks happen on a daily basis and we must try to keep our data from our computers as safe as possible. This is the reason why Microsoft is now coming with its Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which is currently an option in Windows 10 enterprise service that will flag signs of cyber attacks in time, which will prevent a bad situation to become much worse.

The application will look for telltale clues on your computer, such as unusual system file access or exploit attempts and if detects something fishy going on, it will inform you and stop it.

According to BetaNews, the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is using a combination of Windows behavioral sensors, threat intelligence, cloud based security analytics and more, in order to identify anomalies. In addition, it allows the admins to examine the state of the computers and their activities over the last 6 months in order to maximize the historical investigation capabilities.

The new Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is very handy if you are managing a network, but you will also notice a big difference on your personal computer if you will ever be notified about a compromised bank account. So, instead of waiting for months until the company will realize that there was a problem and someone was using your bank account information to purchase various things online, the antivirus might detect it sooner and let you know that your system is compromised.

Here is a short video about the Defender Advanced Threat Protection:

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