Windows 10 Mobile Update Available For Newer Devices

Windows 10 Mobile BLU

The Windows 10 Mobile and the initial list of devices which are eligible to upgrade to it, have been here for a while. However, even if Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows Phone devices that support less than 1GB of RAM will not be able to run the new operating system, some manufacturers have yet to confirm the arrival of the Windows 10 Mobile on their mobile devices.

It seems that Microsoft has made an exception for the Lumia 635 handset, as the Windows 10 Mobile OS was already released for it in Brazil. We remind you that the Lumia 635 handset comes in two RAM variants of 512MB and 1GB, and in Brazil this device has the first variant of RAM.

With other words, there are high chances that some devices that have less than 1GB of RAM will still be eligible for the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade. Currently, Microsoft is working with BLU in order to release the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for the Blu Win LTE X150e and Win Jr LTE X130e models.

Unfortunately, the Blue Win Jr LTE X130q and Blu Win Jr will most likely not be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile OS, as both devices support only 512MB of RAM. Even if Microsoft released the Windows 10 Mobile on the Lumia 635, we’re pretty sure that they will not do the same with a device that’s not owned by them.

We’re not sure yet when exactly BLU will push the upgrade to its Win LTE X150e and Win Jr LTE X130e, but if you own any of these two devices, we suggest you to check for updates from time to time, by going to your device’s Settings->Updates.

Do you think that the Windows 10 Mobile will be released for the mentioned devices before the end of April 2016?

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