Windows 10 Mobile Becoming Popular Among Tablet OEMs

Windows 10 Mobile Tablets

The Windows 10 Mobile is an operating system that was aimed for smartphones, but since the hardware requirements are quite similar to those on Windows Phone 8, more OEMs install it on their tablets. According to reports, Windows 10 Mobile needs a resolution of at least 800×480 pixels or 854×480 pixels (if the software buttons are being used), but it can go up to 2048×1152 pixels, which is pretty good for tablets.

We remind you that Microsoft has announced that Lenovo will launch a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, but it seems that the plans have chanced and the company wants to release a tablet that will run on the mentioned operating system.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about this upcoming device, but if rumors will prove to be right, the upcoming tablet will feature a 7-inch display, a front-facing camera that will be found above the display along with the Lenovo branding in the top-left corner. The Windows key will be located at the bottom, so that the users will be able to easily access the Start menu, regardless if they will be inside an application. The tablet will feature the Volume buttons on the right side, which will be protected by a metal frame that will give it a premium feel.

Microsoft’s announces what tablets are great with Windows 10 Mobile

Since Microsoft has noticed that the Windows 10 Mobile tablets are taking over, it decided to publish some guidelines in order to assist OEMs in developing devices that will perfectly suit the new operating system.

According to Microsoft, the display of the tablets should be at least 7-inch, 8-32GB internal storage and 1-2 GB of RAM. In addition, a Windows 10 Mobile tablet will need to support a LTE option, so that it can be connected to the internet when it doesn’t have Wi-Fi access.

In addition, Microsoft asked OEMs to build tablets that can last for at least 10 hours, and even if it sounds quite difficult to achieve, we can say it is possible as it will run on Windows 10 Mobile.

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