Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview Update Is Now Available For Raspberry Pi 3

Windows 10 Raspberry Pi 3

Microsoft has released a new Insider Preview of Windows 10 IoT Core and it supports the Raspberry Pi 3 board, which was launched on February 29 with the same price ($35), compatibility with the GPU, CPU and connectors of the Pi 2. Microsoft has announced its Windows 10 support for Raspberry Pi in 2015 and created Windows 10 IoT Core, a version that targets small devices that don’t necessarily have screens, and the Raspberry Pi 3 owners are able to download the Preview Update for free.

Raspberry Pi 3 has been released with a new BCM2837 SoC whose processor, GPU and connectors are compatible with their predecessors from the Pi 1 and P2. The new hardware configuration consists of a 1.2 GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, whose clock speed has been increased by 33 percent and its performance has been increased by 50-60 percent in 32-bit mode, compared to the Pi 2.

The users will not get the Windows 10 IoT Core directly on their Raspberry Pi 3, but they will be able to install Windows Insider Preview, which will put them in perpetual upgrade mode. Microsoft has noted that Windows 10 IoT Core has been optimized for connecting “things and smaller devices with or without a display” and now it supports the Universal Windows Platform.

Also, there are many improvements that have been done to Windows 10 IoT Core, after its release for the Raspberry Pi 2, and one of the changes is the support for the Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi dongle. Microsoft has released the change log for its Windows 10 IoT Core February 2016 Insider Preview (build 14262) and it contains:

– bug fixes to the core OS and driver packages;
– updates to the Web Management portal including UI and Stability updates, updates to the FTDI USB Serial Driver for the MinnowBoard Max/x86 platform, updates to the Silicon Labs USB Serial Driver, and addresses stability issues in the SSH Server.

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