Windows 10 Apps to be Available for Xbox One

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Microsoft has been talking for quite a while about the Windows 10 Apps that will come to the Xbox One, but it seems that the company is not far away from finally delivering these applications to its console.

Jason Ronald, the Xbox product manager, has spoken with someone from Business Insider, and has confirmed that the company will start delivering Windows 10 App to Xbox One this upcoming summer.

It seems that Microsoft is planning to merge the Windows Store and Xbox Store, which will host applications that will be able to run on a tablet, PC, smartphone or console. This is also known as Microsoft’s UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

However, it seems that Tim Sweeney, the co-founder of Epic Games, doesn’t agree with the new platform, because he believes that the company will monopolize the game development. According to Sweeney, this will happen, as Microsoft will only offer advanced development tools to developers that will create apps only for the UWP platform.

However, Microsoft has dismissed those concerns, but at the same time it seems that the American multinational technology company is listening to the feedbacks on its new app platform. The titles that have been published on the Microsoft Store don’t support CrossFire or SLI on AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards and instead, they are forced to use features that affect the performance of a game.

According to Ronald, UWP apps will be improved in the coming months in order to run games at more advanced graphics settings, as most of the PC gamers demand.

Microsoft has slowly started to merge Xbox and Windows features, allowing the gamers to do lots of things from their consoles, such as streaming. We’re not sure how the merged Windows Store will work, but Microsoft will most likely reveal more information at its annual Build conference that will be held in San Francisco, CA during March 30 – April 1, 2016.

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