Wikipedia for iOS now Supports Personalized Reading and 3D Touch

Wikipedia, Wikipedia iOS, 3D Touch

Wikipedia has recently released a revamped iOS application that allows the users to access relevant information, whether they are looking for articles or images.

In addition, the application comes with some features that work great with the latest Apple’s iOS version and takes advantage of the 3D touch and Spotlight Search technologies. You will also notice that the application has been revamped in visual terms, which makes it more user friendly.

We remind you that this is not the first time when Wikipedia is improved and expanded. For example, in December 2015, the main Wikipedia website has been improved via machine learning. The web page uses this software, which is capable of making the difference between an honest mistake and an “abusive” change into the text. Offline access and mobile editing have also been added to the Wikipedia app for iOS, a while ago.

The new Wikipedia app for iOS comes with “Explore” feed, a feature that will bring top read articles, features stories, random bits of trivia, connected articles and featured picture of the day. In addition, this feature will learn from your previous Wikipedia experience and suggest you subjects that you might find interesting. With other words, the application will continuously recommend you new articles from your main topics of interest.

The owners of both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be able to use the multi-touch gestures feature thanks to the 3D Touch technology that these devices come with. The owners of these devices will be able to read a random article, open search, consult other articles or even resume reading.

Handoff is another feature that’s available for iOS devices, which comes bundled in the latest Wikipedia application for iOS. Using this feature, people will be able to switch between iPad, iPhone and Mac to resume reading an article.

The latest Wikipedia App for iOS can now be downloaded for free from Apple’s iTunes app store.

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