VMware View For iPad Available For Remote Access To Windows

VMware, the virtualisation and cloud infrastructure specialist, has launched its VMware View app for the iPad, enabling it to run its program on the device. The VMware View software allows users to remotely access virtual Windows desktops through the device, as well as data from anywhere. Best of all, the app comes free of cost!

This is certainly an interesting offer from VMware. As far as I am aware, remote access is not very popular and doesn’t have a widespread usage in India as of now. Could this move to offer remote access technology to the fastest growing consumer electronic device in recent history provide the spark?  Also, what about remote access to other operating systems, as VMware has not explicitly mentioned anything in that regard. What do our readers think?


3 thoughts on “VMware View For iPad Available For Remote Access To Windows”

    1. Given that iPad prices in India have just been slashed, and that the tablet market is among the fastest growing ones, even if the iPad does not have much of a presence, it near certainly will. Hence follows this post.

    2. India is still languishing in 2G whats the use of having ipad… if u cant connect on net via move..
      portable devices are good when connected on net..
      it a dud in india till telecom and exchange gots computer not still languishing analog…
      ur question is stupid and ipad sellers are idiot

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