Verizon Will Start Spying on all Android Powered Smartphones with Special Spyware

As everyone already knows, Marsha Blackburn and her associates have managed to introduce a new online privacy bill that allows IPS (internet service providers) to sell their customer’s browsing history. All US citizens are angered about this bill, but the congressmen have already voted for it and there’s no turning back. If it sounds like it wouldn’t get worse, Verizon just proved that it can.

Verizon Spies on Customers

The major carrier wants to install spyware on all of its Android powered smartphones so that it can collect data from its customers. Verizon has collaborated with Evie Launcher and developed a special app that’s been named “AppFlash”. The app will be automatically installed on all Android powered smartphones and it will replace the Google search bar.


The app serves only one purpose and that’s to collect private user information. Because AppFlash will replace Google’s search bar, it will be able to store all of the user’s browser searches and sent the information back to Verizon instead of Google. The worst thing about this is that it cannot even be uninstalled.

Verizon’s app is basically an identical copy of what Google is already providing its customers with. For example, AppFlash will give users the ability to search through their apps, browser information and locations listing around their area. All in all, the app doesn’t bring anything new to the table other than the fact that it provides Verizon with private customer information.

Verizon Wants to Sell Private Information

The reason why Verizon is installing the spyware is pretty simple, the telecom giant wants to sell all the information that it’s able to gather to the highest bidder. This is the result of Marsha Blackburn’s online privacy bill which allows ISP to sell information.

Uninstall AppFlash

Fortunately, there are two methods that Verizon customers can use in order to get rid of AppFlash. The first one involves rooting the smartphone and deleting the said app. Rooting might be too dangerous for some people, but they can always opt in to disable the app by accessing the Apps panel in the Settings menu.

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