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See if you’re like me (and the chances for that are f****** slim) and you’re into comedy, food and lifestyle, but also like me, the chances of you ever indulging in any of these are slim…fear not, there is a way to live vicariously, it’s called the internet (like you didn’t know that already…) so without further ado, here are my picks for top sites for whatever I’m into.

Humour: If you’re like me and the only thing that keeps you from cutting yourself,  is an occasional laugh, you’re in luck, One read and you’re hooked. With the bizarrest yet most entertaining articles on Planet Earth, it’ll definitely save you from slitting your throat, well maybe postpone it 😉 The proof of the pudding…check this out:


Food: See other than humour, if you’re passion involves putting stuff in your mouth (dude, stop being a perv!!) I would recommend, now I get that many of us prefer a bracket or category of food, but the beauty about this blog is that it kinda gives us the opportunity to ‘experience’ food in a place or places we may never visit. That’s what living ‘vicariously’ means now, doesn’t it!!

Lifestyle a.k.a things that you can never afford!!

Lifestyle: I’ll admit this much, I am not winning any prize, any time soon for the way I dress, or smell, or the accessories I ‘accessorize’ with, quite frankly because I think it’s gay to be metro-sexual, (or maybe secretly I want to, but the shit is just too expensive, but let’s stick with the ‘gay’ part 😉 but in the spirit of living ‘vicariously’ I recommend it features all those things that you may want, but may never have, but drooling is free so…ENJOY 😉

Until next week!!

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