Three New BlackBerry Models to Appear This Year

The recent good news is the fact that TCL introduced recently the model BlackBerry KEYone, which is a smartphone running on Android, presenting a physical keyboard. The CEO of the company, Nicolas Zibell, said that their company are planning to release minimum three new smartphones under the BlackBerry brand in 2017. All of them will come with Android out of the box, but besides this information, we have no other details available about them.

According to CNET, a source declared that TCL is planning to release a full-touch device, something resembling the DTEK60, only they will quit the brand. As it seems, whatever the company is currently planning, they will most likely kick it up a notch on the market.

Another interesting thing is the fact that Zibell said that their company intend to bring back their old Palm brand, which they bought back in 2015. The possibility of them bringing it back to life seems plausible though, since the rival LG already owns webOS, so they might use Android for it.

People seem to be excited about bringing back Palm, but many of them seem to think that it’s not a good idea to combine it with Android. Their main argument is the fact that it would resemble too much an Alcatel with Android. Even so, people are anxious to see how does TCL plan to bring back the old brand and what are its other plans for this year. Either way, if you’re a BlackBerry fan, it seems that this is the year for you to enjoy. Moreover, it seems that the company too is keen on reviving their brand and on getting back in the tough competition of smartphones running on Android, which, we have to admit, is in bloom at the moment.

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