This Smart Commuter Jacket is Google’s Latest Project

Google has partnered up with Levi developed one of the coolest wearable gadget ever. We are talking about a $350 smart jean jacket. This product is definitely going to become a consumer-favorite, especially since Levi’s clever design hides all the tech inside of it. Google’s technology has been subtly embedded in the jean jacket’s sleeves and it’s practically invisible.

Google and Levi Showcase the Smart Commuter Jacket

During the previous weekend, Google and Levi decided to showcase their jacket during SXSW in Austin, Texas. The product has been especially designed to appeal towards customers that enjoy biking their way to work. This can also be clearly seen in the device’s short trailer.

The cutthroat technology has been woven into the jacket’s fibers and users can answer phone calls, check the time and so on by simply tapping or swiping on their sleeves. The smart jacket will communicate the information with the user through the use of headphones which is great since riding a bike requires the user to keep its eyes focused on the road.

Surprisingly, the jacket’s fibers are washable. The only thing that users are required to do before washing the smart jacket is to remove the cufflinks because that’s where the battery is stored. Regarding battery, the aforementioned cufflinks are able to last for two days with a full charge.

The Smart Commuter Jacket will be Available in Fall

Neither Google nor Levi wanted to disclose the official launch date, all that the two companies disclosed is that the device will hit markets during Fall. This is quite a smart marketing move since summer is just around the corner and no one wants to wear a jeans jacket during hot summer days.

However, even though this jacket might not seem that appealing to everyone it does show us the direction in which technology is going. We can be sure that if this smart jacket is successful, Google and Levi are going to work together on another wearable device in the future. Also, bikers that live in highly populated cities such as New York and Los Angeles are definitely happy to know that this product is coming their way.

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