The World’s Most Powerful Camera/Projector Combo (pieces sold separately)

Like most things in life, technology evolves. Land lines gave way to mobiles; the chunky phones of the 90s gave way to the sleeker, smarter and more streamlined phones of today. Radio, internet and cameras have all found their way into our smartphones today. But somewhere out there, some lab nuts have taken it upon themselves to ‘innovate’ (read unnecessarily) and give us gadgets that aren’t just phones anymore. Let’s take a look at two such phones that in my humble opinion are not truly phones.

Every year the World Mobile Congress, the Geneva Auto Show of the mobile phones churns out a vast number of phones/tablets/processors and other geek magnets, which set our heart racing and pulse zooming! This year however two of the world’s largest mobile manufacturers, Nokia and Samsung have outdone the rest in churning out a camera and a projector that can (hold your breath…) also make and receive calls!

While this is not a review of either The Nokia 808 or the Samsung Galaxy Beam, (quite simply cause I am no reviewer), this post is simply a tribute to the unnecessary innovation of mobile companies the world over!

Nokia PureView 808

It’s time for people around the world to look at their SLR & DSLRs in shame and cry, “Why didn’t we wait until 2012, before buying a camera that could make calls!!” And with an astounding 41 MP camera on board, the Nokia 808 is just that…a butt ugly looking camera, which makes calls! Sure there is a whole new update to Nokia’s Symbian OS on board, but I hardly think anyone will notice that once they’ve purchased this beauty, also with the world going ape shit over Android and Apple’s IOS why’d anyone bother! The good folks at Nokia obviously know that their days as market leaders in the cell phone business are over (that’s what you get for not jumping the Android Express!), so I figure this is a nice way to carve out a space in the camera market. Watch out Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and other assorted camera manufacturers, there’s a smart cam on the market…

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Question: How many stars are present in a galaxy?

Answer: As many phones have been labelled ‘Galaxy’ by Samsung!

In a case of not resting on one’s laurels, the world’s largest mobile device manufacturer, Samsung has unleashed its latest creation on the world. Imaginatively titled the Samsung Galaxy Beam, this hand held projector is powered by 1 Ghz processor and 6 gigs of RAM (shit, my computer and laptop put together don’t have that kind of processing power!)  And that’s not all, the beam also features the world’s most powerful mobile flashlight/projector, at 15 lumens, it will project a 50 cm image in HD. Best for the photographs and movies recorded on the Nokia 808 or to burn the retinas of a prisoner in a North Korean POW camp!! Also it is an Android phone…so yay!!

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