The Witcher 4 Confirmed by CD Projekt RED CEO Adam Kicinsk

We have great news for fans of the Witcher franchise, it looks like CD Projekt RED wants to create another game. CD Projekt RED’s CEO Adam Kicinsk announced that he hasn’t forgotten about Witcher 4, and that it’s going to be developed at some point in time. Sadly, the CEO didn’t want to disclose an official launch date and just said it’s too early for that.

The Witcher 4: Confirmed

Although it’s nice hearing that CD Projekt RED confirmed that another installment will be coming, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. The game franchise is one of the most popular ones ever made and its fan base spreads from PC to console systems. The game developer has generated huge amounts of profits with the already existing game installments, and it’s definitely going to create Witcher 4 in the upcoming future.

The Witcher 4: VR Features

The CEO didn’t only confirm that Witcher 4 will eventually be launched, he also showed interested towards VR features. If this proves to be true, we can be sure that Witcher 4 will manage to win the Game of the Year award. Considering that the VR market is booming as of late, it’s highly plausible that CD Projekt RED is looking to capitalize on that by implementing VR features in its upcoming game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is the last installment in the franchise and it’s considered as being the best RPG-game of all time. Additionally, Witcher 3 has won the Game of the Year Award. The game’s story follows Geralt of Rivia in his incredible and amazing monster-hunting stories. The game features one of the most immersive open-worlds and it looks phenomenal.

Even though the game looks impressive when it comes go graphics and mechanics, the most impressive feature is its main story. Players will find themselves emotionally involved in all of Witcher 3’s quests and they will feel like they are a part of that world. We can be sure that Witcher 4 is going to follow the same tradition and that its going to be come with an even more immersive story.

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