The First Mars Colony will Give Birth to a new Human Species

NASA has announced that its goal is to send humans on Mars by 2030. This news has raised concern among everyone since known and trustworthy Doctors have started pointing out that the first human Mars colonists will start a new species. There are many factors that back up this allegation and we’re going to go over them right now.

Radiation and Sunlight cause new Human Species

Dr. Scott Solomon who is the writer behind the best seller “Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution” stresses the fact that Mars’s radiation is undeniably higher than what we have on Earth. Even worse, the sunlight is dimmer and the gravity is weaker. These factors lead Dr. Scott Solomon to believe that when human colonists will start reproducing they will give birth to a new species.

Because the gravity is weaker humans are going to grow thicker bones and the increased radiation will cause the skin to go darker. The fact that Mars has one of the weakest magnetic fields is putting humans against intense radiation levels. Skin pigmentation is what helps against radiation effects, therefore the increase of radiation will cause the skin to darken.

What’s interesting is that Dr. Scott Solomon’s theory is contradicted by Dr. Nathalie Cabrol. The former is a planetary scientist at SETI and she believes the exact opposite will happen. The new human species will actually have paler skin pigmentation. What causes Dr. Nathalie Cabrol to believe this is the lack of sunlight.

What we can take from these two contradictory theories is that we are not ready to colonize Mars yet. The biggest problem NASA is faced with is that it cannot recreate different terrain aspects that will be found on Mars so that it can prepare astronauts.

Konrad Szocik who is a writer at Space Policy stated that NASA needs to create a special electronic device that’s able to enhance senses with different drugs. Additionally, Szocik believes that this electronic device should also administer panic dulling drugs to astronauts. One more interesting statement made by Szocik is that Mars needs to have a population of at least 500 people so that inbreeding can be avoided.

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