Smart Glasses To Get Snapchat – AR Technology is Getting Improved

Snapchat Smart Glass

Who hasn’t heard of Snapchat, the application with self-destructing messages that was released in September 2011 for Android and iOS? Well, the developers of Snapchat are reportedly working on a smart glass and lately, the company has been recruiting personnel, which means that the rumors have a source of truth in them.

The company founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown Poster is now valued at $16 billion and, currently, the owners can afford to make investments. And why wouldn’t they show interest in augmented reality, since all major groups have announced that they’ll release their first headsets in 2016?

CNET has published a report according to which Snapchat has hired AU specialists from companies such as Microsoft, PTC and Eyefluence, who have been working on these upcoming devices: HoloLens, Vuforia and the Eyefluence eye-tracking technology. These hirings clearly suggest that Snapchat is planning to build a hardware device that will make capturing of photos and videos a fascinating experience.

It is known that back in 2014, Snapchat has acquired Vergence Labs for $15 million, the company that released glasses with built-in cameras, but after Google’s big disaster with its first glasses, no other company wants to follow in its steps and repeat the same mistakes.

Snapchat has spent more money ($50 million) on the acquisition of (QR code-scanning/creating technology), but this deal was made for the development of the Snaptags feature.

So, is Snapchat hiring people in order to learn about augmented reality and adapt its application to be used on smart glasses? Or the team is preparing to build the first Snapchat glasses and release the wearable the public? Most likely, Snapchat is optimizing AR technology for its application, especially that the former Eyefluence employee could use his experience in eye-tracking technology to make more intuitive interface gestures for this company.

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