Self-driving Cars Encounters Various Challenges

Self-driving Cars Encounters Various Challenges

Who doesn’t want to travel with a car without touching the wheel? It can be very exhausting to be on the road and driving all day and night without falling asleep and causing an accident. Autonomous vehicles are the future and they will save many lives, but the manufacturers will face many challenges, because, first, they will need to clearly outline how these cars will function. And it will be very hard to make a self-driving vehicle very safe, to not put people’s lives in danger.

The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced two springtime meetings, which will be held in Washington, D.C. and California and with this occasion, the agency will gather information on issues related to safety, for automated vehicles. NHTSA has shared an evaluation made by the current Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, related to the challenges for fully deploying automated vehicles in the US.

In the report prepared by USDOT’s Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, it was “found that there are few existing federal regulatory hurdles to deployment of automated vehicles with traditional designs and equipment to accommodate a human driver”, as NHTSA has announced.

Unfortunately, the situation is not very simple for vehicles without a steering wheel and brake pedal, because, according to NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind, “the agency has more work to do to ensure the safety of new innovations, and we look forward to learning more from stakeholders as we start that work.”

Google is one of the companies that are planning to make self-driving cars and Alphabet Inc., the holding company for Google, started recruiting personnel to bring the car project to life. In 2017 are planned to be tested many driverless cars on Britain’s motorways, and according to Reuters, by 2020, the streets will be filled with autonomous vehicles.

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