Samsung Unveils Giant 408 Cinema Screen Display

Netflix is slowly but surely becoming the biggest name in the movie industry. While this might be great for Netflix subscribers, cinema companies an entirely different opinion. Cinemas are having a harder time competing against live streaming platforms, especially since almost everyone has a 4K TV in their home. How can cinemas compete with Netflix’s ability to give people everything they need in the comfort of their couches? Well, it looks like Samsung has the answer to that question.

Samsung 408 inch 4K Cinema Display

All major tech companies have attended Cinemacon 2017 in Las Vegas earlier this week. That’s where Samsung decided to come out and unveil its biggest yet display. The product has been entitled as Samsung Cinema Screen and it has been created with the sole purpose of bringing people into cinemas once again.

The display has been measured in at 408 inch (34-foot) and it uses LED technology that’s able of offering 4K resolutions of 4096 x 2160 pixels. The South Korean tech giant has also equipped the large display with HDR (High Dynamic Range) which makes the movie watching experience even more enjoyable. Samsung has announced that Cinema Screen’s brightness is ten times better than what cinema projectors are able to provide right now.

Harman Audio

Now that Samsung has unveiled its display, all that remains is for cinema owners to purchase it. In order to make the product more appealing, Samsung is working with Harman Professional Solutions. The latter specializes in creating the best surround audio experience and it’s going to make Samsung’s Cinema Screen even better.

We should mention that Samsung’s display has already been installed in the Cinemark Century Orleans 18 cinema that can be found right in the Orleans Hotel & Casino. We can be sure that Orleans citizens will be rushing to this cinema and get a feel for Samsung’s latest display.

Nonetheless, the display still has to pass a few tests before it can be considered cinema optimal. The said test is taking place at the Keio University in Tokyo. If everything goes according to plan, we can expect to see Cinema Screen in more movie theatres during the upcoming year.

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