Samsung Galaxy S8 Will be Launched Soon, Here’s What to Expect

Samsung is getting ready to officially unveil its Galaxy S8 smartphone flagship. Fortunately, no one had to wait to see Samsung’s smartphone because the internet has been filled with leaks. Evan Blass is the leakster that provided us with leaked information about Galaxy S8. We know everything from specs to display size. What’s interesting is that Evan Blass has managed to find additional information which showed that Galaxy S8 will feature Bluetooth audio functions.

We have rounded up the most interesting features that Galaxy S8 is going to bring and we will present them right now. In addition, the smartphone is expected to be unveiled in New York later this day so interested customers can already get ready to pre-order the device. Without any further ado, let’s see what Galaxy S8 will bring.

Bluetooth Dual Audio

The news about this feature has just surfaced today and it shows us that Galaxy S8 owners will be able to stream audio from one smartphone to other two individual Bluetooth speakers or headphones at the same time. Even better, S8 owners will be able to adjust the volume for each individual speaker. This feature will be quite useful for stereo systems.

Iris Scanner

Right now all premium smartphone have been equipped with fingerprint scanners but Samsung is going to take security to another level. The South Korean tech giant will equip its smartphone flagship with an Iris scanner that will significantly enhance S8’s security. Smartphone owners will be able to quickly open up their Samsung account or different private accounts through the use of Galaxy S8’s iris scanner.


Just like Google and Apple, Samsung has decided to develop its own personal assistant. The AI has been named Bixby and it’s going to feature the same functions like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. In addition, Bixby will automatically update online content such as alarms, reminders and even the weather.

The new smartphone will also be equipped with Bixby Vision. This feature will basically be able to perform image searches. For example, Galaxy S8 owners can simply scan a product with the smartphone’s camera and automatically search for similar products and information online.

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