Samsung Galaxy S8 is Finally Out, Why You Shouldn’t Pre-order

The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally out. The flagship smartphone has been unveiled yesterday in New York and retailers have already started taking pre-orders. However, we feel the need to advise Samsung fans to not pre-order and wait a little more. The reason we are saying this is because Best Buy will make available unlocked version of Galaxy S8 on May 9th. Owning an unlocked smartphone is quite important since it allows owners to switch their network carrier whenever they want to.

Locked Smartphones

Every major network carrier offers deals on high-end smartphones that are locked to their network. Customers are getting a nice payment plan while the company gets more clients. The only problem with unlocked smartphones is that owners are not able to change their network carrier.

Even though there’s a legal way of unlocking smartphones in the US, it doesn’t always go as planned. For example let’s say you own a Galaxy S7 that’s locked to AT&T, once you manage to unlock it the device’s LTE band might not be compatible with the ones from Verizon or Sprint. We should also mention that once a smartphone has been unlocked, the manufacturer and carrier are usually going to stop from offering free repairs in case something happens.

Unwanted Software

All locked smartphone ship with pre-installed carrier specific software and apps. These apps are more than often not necessary and they use significant amounts of CPU power. The worst thing though, is that these apps and software cannot be deleted. The only solution that owners of locked smartphones have is to freeze those apps, but they will still take up memory space. This is one of the reasons why waiting for the unlocked Galaxy S8 variants worth it.

Same Price

As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons why customers tend to acquire smartphones straight from carriers is because they offer payment plans. Right now, Verizon and AT&T are offering Galaxy S8 for a payment plan that totals to $720 and $750. Surprisingly, Best Buy has already announced that its unlocked Galaxy S8 variants will only cost $725, so it’s basically the same thing.

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