Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Feature 3D Touch OLED Panel

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is the most talked about subject in the smartphone industry. The two companies are always looking for new features that can be added to their flagship smartphones so that they one-up each other. What’s interesting is that sometimes, both of them mimic what the other is doing. Rumor has it that Samsung is looking to make use of Apple’s 3D Touch display technology.

Samsung Galaxy S8 to Feature Pressure-Sensitive Home Key

Apple has already used this technology starting with iPhone 6S and now, Samsung is looking to implement this pressure-sensitive technology on the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 8. In fact, rumor has it that Samsung has already managed to make this technology fit with its OLED panels. Even better, during the Mobile World Congress event Samsung has showcased the said technology to different partner companies.

Leaked pictures of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone have showed that the South Korean tech giant has implemented a new edge-to-edge display. The same display is expected to be used on Galaxy Note 8 as well. The reason why this matters is because Galaxy S8’s bezels have been shrunk and the physical Home Key button has been removed.

Galaxy Note 8 is expected to receive the same treatment, the difference being that Note 8 will feature a “virtual home button” that’s going to be equipped with this pressure-sensitive technology. Additionally, the virtual Home button will also feature a fingerprint sensor.

The new Home button opens the door for many possibilities, for example Galaxy Note 8 owners are going to be able to open up different types of menus by hard-pressing on virtual button. We should mention that Samsung has already meddled with 3D Touch OLED panels before. The South Korean tech giant has manufactured the special 3D Touch displays that have been installed on smartphones such as Huawei 9.

At the moment, everything we know is based on rumors therefore Samsung might decide to not equip Galaxy Note 8 with this technology. Nonetheless, once Galaxy Note 8 comes out it will definitely make waves in the tech industry. We can be sure that Galaxy Note 8 will be near-flawless considering the fiasco caused by Galaxy Note 7.

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