Rumor: Amazon Coming Up With Android Tablet To Compete With iPad[UPDATED]

The guys over at seem to think that all the current offerings in the Android tablet section, or any other tablet offering for that matter, don’t have it in them to compete with the ubiquitous iPad, as rumors suggest that Amazon might take the fight to themselves and come up with an Android tablet that will truly be the competitor of iPad.

All analysts and industry reports more or less confirm that Motorola Xoom, RIM PlayBook and HP TouchPad will all struggle against the iPad. Given this, it seems reasonable that the solution comes from a service side company’s tablet, which could allow for competitive pricing, one of the biggest advantages of the iPad right now. The other major advantage of the iPad right now is its huge support from its App Store, through which it channels a substantial & impressive chunk of its business. In comparison, the rumored Amazon tablet could connect its users to the Amazon storefront through its upcoming Android app.

The prospect of Amazon dishing out an Android tablet seems intriguing. Of course, it would have to move fast, since the tablet market is fast growing and could saturate, or reach a near saturation point, after which it will not be profitable to enter the market. Also, we know from the experience of the Kindle that Amazon can price its products well, which might be among the most crucial points upon which they would win or lose the war. Either way, the tablet market is exponentially heating up and I can’t wait to see what Apple’s rivals come up with under this kind of market pressure. What do our readers think?

UPDATE: The New York Times has reported an astute observation, that lends credence to this rumor. It seems that Amazon’s been hiring a significant volume of Android developers! This is a significant pointer of the direction in which the new Kindle will be developed.

6 thoughts on “Rumor: Amazon Coming Up With Android Tablet To Compete With iPad[UPDATED]”

  1. I can’t wait to know what the advantages of Android Tablet than iPad. So far, I think iPad is invincible

    1. Well, as far as I see, the biggest advantage of having an Android device is its admirable degree of customization that is possible, as opposed to its iOS counterparts. After that that, the pros and cons are simply a matter of personal tastes and perceptions.

    2. Honestly, I feel that Honeycomb is yet not the version which can compete with iPad OS. The next upgrade sure seems the most potential of all in regards to tablets. Also, manufacturers would be required to do something innovative with these device instead of just having similar specification in different form factors.

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