RIM may launch BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS

Surprising, but this is exactly what a recent report on BGR is all about. Considering their history with revealing a few things about RIM, I don’t have a lot doubts. Apparently, the guys seem to be quite sure that RIM is considering announcing their beloved BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS devices.

It is quite obvious to many that BlackBerry Messenger has been a key reason for many users to purchase a BlackBerry devices and I wonder how this will affect their own devices as I believe such a thing may affect their sales. However, RIM is concerned about the growing usage of similar services like Kik Messenger or the famous WhatsApp Messenger, both of which may have the potential to replace BBM sometime is the future considering that they are not exclusive to any platform, and hence entering other platforms maybe a logical step for the company.

Furthermore, it seems like the guy may not announced a fully featured BBM for the other platforms and may include a fee module which may enable users to advantage of a fully featured BlackBerry Messenger. Also, the guys are pretty confident that this will be coming for Android devices, while the iOS version is highly dubious.

One thought on “RIM may launch BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS”

  1. Most people don’t realize that BlackBerry runs their own massive worldwide secure communications network (it is not a big data cloud search network like google). This is why BBM is so much better because all other messengers are routed through public networks and are much more likely to be unreliable. Something like this would force everyone else from apple to skype, etc, to build out their own private networks to get the same speed, integration, and reliability. Even for someone as big as apple, it would take a while to get a big network running reliably (iMessage still goes down frequently after a year or so on the market – just their servers even – and their voice/video/message integration is lousy). If this is true it would be a big deal.

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