Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Coming this Winter

Capcom has now officially announced that the guys would be releasing the new Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City later in winter this year and the video game will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Further, the publisher has also announced that the game will be developed by Canadian studio known as Slant Six Games.

While the game was previously confirmed by OXM US, some more information has been unveiled by Capcom as the guys have mentioned that you will be playing as a part of the Umbrella Security Services and you will have the ability to play the game in four player co-op or you can also go Han ‘Solo’ on it. The story follows as USS has been given orders to eliminate all evidence of a T-Virus outbreak while the US government has send its own forces to expose the efforts of USS and get to the cause of the outbreak.

It also includes some interesting characters and gamers will find out more on certain event from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 as the play as a part of the Umbrella Security Services. Well, we are quite excited about this upcoming game but it still has a long time until it hits the stores. Let us know your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Coming this Winter”

  1. I Love the Resident Evil games but I’d just like a remake of RE3 or have this game but with Jill Valentine and all the other Classic characters like claire, chris,leon ada ect

  2. the character look to dumb i dont need the next chris roidfield i would like to see some regulire people like leon or jill not some super soildes or dumb specel forces group

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