PS4 Receives Long Awaited 4.50 Firmware Update

We have great news for PS4 owners, the long awaited 4.50 firmware update has arrived. This update has been in beta for over one month now and the entire PS4 community is enthusiastic about its arrival. Sony is known for always doing its best in order to find ways to enhance the already smooth PS4 user experience and the way its achieving that is by launching a constant stream of firmware updates.

PS4 Receives 4.50 Firmware Update

The entire internet was buzzing with rumors and speculations about PS4’s 4.50 firmware update, but now we know exactly what features it will bring. First off, we need to mention that PS4 owners should keep their gaming consoles open today because the update is going to pop-up any time now. Additionally, the update has been codenamed “Sasuke” and it weighs in at 399MB. Anxious PS4 owners can always download the update from PlayStation’s official website and install it themselves.

Nonetheless, we have rounded up the biggest changes that the Sasuke update is going to bring and we’re going to present them right. Without any doubt, the biggest change that this update is bringing is the fact that it will allow PS4 owners to connect external hard drives to their console. Also, PS4 will support hard drives of maximum 8TB. This is a life changing feature since all PS4 consoles are limited to 1TB of internal storage.

Sony hasn’t forgotten about the user experience and decided to bring some cool changes to the UI as well. The quick menu is where PS4 owners will be able to notice the biggest difference. Sony has overhauled the quick menu so that it’s more user friendly. Additionally, all party features such as joining and creating are now easier to access.

Regarding UI changes, Sony is now allowing players to change their profile color. This is really cool since players can change their profile color so that it matches the one used on their desktop. Even better, in-game screenshots can now be used as a desktop cover. This option can be found in Settings – Themes – Select Theme – Custom.

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