“Premium” Google Pixel 2 Is In The Works

Rick Osterloh who is the Senior Vice President at Google headquarters has announced that Pixel 2 is coming. During the Mobile World Congress, Google’s VP was bombarded with questions about the upcoming Pixel 2 and he decided to finally confirm that Google is adding the finishing touches to it. Even though this is great news, it shouldn’t surprise anyone since both Pixel and Pixel XL are really successful in terms of profits.

Pixel 2 Release Date

Sadly, Rick Osterloh didn’t disclose the device’s exact release. Although, he stated that Pixel 2 will be arriving before 2017 ends. In Rick Osterloh’s own words “You can count on a Google Pixel successor this year, even if you don’t hear a date from me now”.  The most intriguing thing that Google’s VP stated was that the upcoming Pixel 2 will “stay premium”.

Pixel 2 Will Stay Premium

Google decided to finally venture into the smartphone world by itself last year with the Pixel lineup. These smartphones are seen as Google’s vision of a perfect Android powered smartphone and this is why Google has equipped them with only the best hardware pieces available on the market. We think that when Google’s VP said that Pixel 2 will stay premium, he was meaning that Google will equip it with only high-end hardware pieces once again.

What’s interesting is that rumors were actually pointing towards a different direction. According to the most recent rumors, Google was actually planning on designing a more affordable Pixel smartphone which would have been called Pixel 2B. Google might still create the affordable model and launch it alongside the premium Pixel 2.

Pixel 2 Rumors

Both Samsung and Apple are expected to equip their flagship smartphones with an wireless charging pad. This is what leads us to believe that Google will do the exact thing so that its smartphone is kept up to par with the competition. In terms of hardware power, we can be sure that Pixel 2 will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset. Other than that, we can’t know anything for sure. All that we can do right now is to wait for Google to unveil the device.

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