Pornhub and YouPorn Will Enhance Their Encryption Level

In light of the recent online privacy bill, a bunch of popular websites have been enhancing their encryption levels so that their users feel more protected. Pornhub and YouPorn are two of those websites. The aforementioned websites are owned by the same company and they will switch to default HTTPS in order to make the user experience more private.

Pornhub and YouPorn Enhance Privacy

This news has just been confirmed after the Congress has approved the online privacy FCC bill. The bill we are talking about is giving ISP (internet service providers) the ability to sell private customer browsing history. Even worse, ISP companies are not even required to announce the affected customers that this is happening.

Pornhub and YouPorn have taken security into their own hands and they ensured their fans that their search history will not be tracked. The reason why these two website are switching to HTTPS is pretty simple. Obviously both websites are filled with porn content and no one will access them if they know they are being tracked in fear of being monitored.

ISP Will Not Track PornHub Activity

However, ISP companies will be able to tell that their customers are watching Pornhub or YouPorn, but they will not be able to tell what exactly the customer is watching. YouPorn’s Vice President went public with this decision and stated the following “The transition to HTTPS will go a long way in solidifying our user’s privacy and protecting them against various types of malware. The data on our webpages will now be encrypted, making it significantly harder for third parties to penetrate”.

The new encryption system will be installed on April 4th and it’s not going to be changed any time soon. Let’s just hope that other popular websites will follow in Pornhub and YouPorn’s footsteps and try to enhance their security levels. Considering the fact that Pornhub is listed among the top 100 most visited websites, we can be sure the company in charge of the website is going to keep on looking for different methods that can protect their customer’s privacy.

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