PlayStation 4 Update – Stream Games on PC

PlayStation 4 Update Stream PC

Sony has confirmed on Tuesday, that the PlayStation 4 owners will be able to stream their gamers to their PCs. The new PS 4 BETA 3.50 firmware update brings this new feature, which seems that selected BETA users will able to test it out soon. In addition, the new update comes with social features and it is finally gives you the ability to appear offline to your friends (if you want to).

With other words, if you just want to play a game without being bugged by your friends, you can set yourself as “offline” and play without being interrupted. It’s not sure yet when the 3.50 firmware will be released for all the PS 4 owners, but according to the previous updates, it won’t take too much time until the BETA will end.

The streaming feature that’s named Remote Play will allow the PlayStation 4 owners to stream gameplay to select devices over their home internet connection. We remind you that this feature was only available for the PlayStation Vita and some Sony phones. Back in 2015, a well hacker named Twisted has released this feature to PCs, but it still has some bugs and you have to pay for it.

When Sony have noticed how many players are requesting PS 4 Remote Play For PC, the company has made an announcement and said that they’re currently working on their own version of the technology and that soon enough, the players will be able to use it. In addition, you can already stream the gameplay from your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PCs via your home network.

Hopefully, the PS 4 Remote Play for PC that Sony will come with will not be as bugged as the one that Twisted has released. There are some users who have already tested the PS 4 Remote Play for PC by Twisted and it seems that the frame rates are constantly dropping, which is quite annoying for the PS 4 owners that play fast paced games.

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