Google Pixel 2 Will Arrive in the Muskie, Walleye and Taimen Variants

This year is going to be a good for tech enthusiasts. All major companies have announced that they are preparing to launch their flagship smartphones during the upcoming future. Although the entire world is talking about Samsung’s Galaxy 8 and Apple’s iPhone 8, Google is also preparing something big. In fact, the company’s Vice President attended MWC and announced that the upcoming Pixel 2 will “stay premium”. We can’t know for sure what this means but we think it’s safe to say that the upcoming Google smartphone will be able to take on both Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8.

Three Pixel 2 Smartphones

The Android parent has done a good job of keeping its mouth shut when asked about its upcoming smartphone but, rumor has it that there will be three Pixel 2 devices and not just one. A couple of days ago two Google smartphone codenames have been leaked, Muskie and Walleye. These two devices are expected to be Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL but what’s interesting is that another code name has surfaced.

Muskie, Walleye and Taimen

According to rumors and speculations, the third Pixel smartphone has been codenamed as Taimen. Just like Muskie and Walleye, the third Pixel device has also been codenamed after a fish. The entire Android community believes that Taimen is actually going to be a more affordable Pixel 2. This goes hand in hand with previous rumors that were pointing out the fact that Google wants to capitalize on mid-ranged budgets.

Last year, Google adopted the size format that Samsung and Apple use and launched Pixel in two sizes. Well, it looks like this year we’re in for a third Pixel smartphone. This is actually great news since not everyone is able to afford a $759.00 phone. The Android parent is probably going to equip this affordable Pixel model with a smaller display and lower amount of RAM so that it’s able to reduce its price.

Nonetheless, everyone doubted that Google will be able to make it on its own on the smartphone market when it decided to part ways with Huawei but Google proved everyone wrong. Pixel and Pixel XL are considered as being some of the best Android powered smartphones ever made.

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