Outlook, Skype, OneDrive and Xbox Live are Down Once Again

Not even two weeks have passed since the widespread authentication issue ended and now it has popped up again. The issue we are talking about is not allowing Microsoft users to access their cloud services and it’s already widespread. The following platforms are being affected by this issue Skype, OneDrive, Outlook and Xbox Live.

Microsoft Authentication Issue

Microsoft’s forums started being bombarded with user complaints on March 21st when this issue first appeared. In addition, this issue was trending on Twitter as there were so many people talking about it. What’s interesting is that while Outlook, OneDrive and Skype cannot be accessed, some users were reporting that Office 365 Mail is working normally. This doesn’t any sense since all the platforms run on the same code.

This glitch directly affects MSA which is the only sign-on service that Microsoft uses. This sign-on service usually works without any issues and it allows users to directly connect onto different Microsoft services. As previously mentioned, the same thing happened two weeks ago. Microsoft was quick to patch this annoying bug but it somehow reappeared.

Xbox Live is Down

The most annoying thing about this problem is that Xbox Live is down. This is quite annoying because Xbox Live members are paying a monthly fee in order to get access to free games, discounts and multiplayer features. Now their money is going to waste since they cannot receive access to the aforementioned features.

Microsoft Will Repair this Issue

As everyone knows by now, Microsoft has already managed to patch this annoying authentication issue and it’s more than surely going to do it once again. In fact, Microsoft has already started updated the status pages for Office 365, OneDrive and Outlook in order to explain what’s happening.

Obviously not everyone knows about this issue and people are getting confused and that’s why Microsoft decided to update the status pages. Microsoft stated that all of its platforms are going to be updated in the upcoming future and that affected users shouldn’t worry about this ever happening again.

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