NVIDIA officially launches new GPUs based on Kepler architecture

NVIDIA has officially released their new GPUs a while after a leaked video for the same hit the web. These new graphic processors are based on the new Kepler architecture and the two cards which take the lead are the GeForce GTX 680 which is for PC users and the company claims it to be the world’s fastest and most efficient PC GPU and the GeForce 600M series of GPUs meant for the new upcoming ultrabooks.

The GeForce GTX 680 is built on a 28nm processor and it is expected to have high performance and at the same time improved powered management. Requiring just 195W, the GPU includes features like static clock speeds, depending on the requirement it shuffles between 1,006 MHz and 1,058 Mhz. When not us use it down clocks itself to 324 Mhz and when required it can boost up the clock speed to 1,100 Mhz. All this is not achieved by any software but instead he card comes with hardware tweaks which makes it possible.

In regards to the specifications the GTX 680 features 2GB of DDR5 VRAM running at 6 GHz with a 256-bit memory interface, along with 32 ROP units and 128 texture units. There are a total of 1,536 re-engineered CUDA processing cores which are made up of 2.54 billion transistors. It also sports Dual Link DVI ports, one DisplayPort connection and one HDMI port. Additionally, it also includes NVIDIA’s 3D vision surround technology for those who play games on multiple-monitors.

The GeForce 600M series is also based on the new Kepler architecture and as mentioned before these cards have been optimized for ultrabooks. These cards are based on the Optimus technology from NVIDIA which helps maintain the optimum battery efficiency, Verde technology wich delivers solid performance stability and NVIDIA PhysX for realistic in-game physics.

They also come with other optional features like NVIDIA 3D vision, NVIDIA 3DTV Play and NVIDIA SLI technology allowing gamers to link their GPUs with more GPUs for increased graphic performance.

The new GeForce 600M GPU is available in the Acer Timeline Ultra M3 ultrabook and the new GeForce 680M will be available with manufacturers including, Asus, Zotac, Gateway and MSI.

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