Nokia 9 has Been Renamed and it Will not Ship Alone

Nokia used to be known as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world and it looks like the Finnish tech giant is looking to go back to its old glory. The company started the year strong and shocked everyone when it launched Nokia 6. This smartphone is quite successful when it comes to sales percentages but it wasn’t enough for Nokia.

Nokia 8 has Been Renamed

The Finnish tech manufacturer was expected to unveil its premium Nokia 8 smartphone flagship during the Mobile World Congress event. As everyone knows already, this didn’t happen and Nokia 8 was postponed. The reason we are talking about Nokia 8 today is because all rumors are pointing out that this smartphone is actually going to be branded as Nokia 9 and it will arrive in the upcoming months.

Nokia 7 and Nokia 8

Nokia 9’s name leads to believe that the Finnish tech manufacturer wants to leave space for two more smartphones in its lineup. Taking in consideration the fact that Nokia 6 has already been launched we can be sure that Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 are on their way.

Nokia 7 and Nokia 8: Rumors and Speculations

These two smartphones are expected to ship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 processor. This is quite a major improvement over Nokia 6’s octa-core Snapdragon 430 chipset. If this proves to be true it means that both Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 will be priced in the mid-budget range.

On another note, rumor has it that both Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 will feature a full HD and QHD panel. Even better, the chassis is reportedly going to be made from a chic looking metal alloys and the top and bottom bezels will be shrunk.

Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9: Release Date

HMD Global is the company that sets the launch date. This company has acquired the right to Nokia from Microsoft it is directly in charge of it now. Rumors are pointing out that HMD Global wants to hold an event in either May or June. Even though HMD Global has yet to confirm anything, this is when everyone is expecting these three smartphones to arrive.

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