Nintendo’s Answer to JoyCon Problem

Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch, event that took place in the beginning of this month, there have been lots of reports regarding a connectivity issue appearing between the Joy-Con controllers and the console in itself.

Console Configuration

Many people were curious to know how exactly the Nintendo Switch works, together with its Joy-Con controllers. As such, some users opened up the Switch and peaked at how things were organized there. More exactly, several users found that the antenna structure was different between the two controllers.

As such, the right controller seemed to have a separate antenna, while the left one had the antenna included on the circuit board. However, this is not the cause of the issue, since this is a strategy often employed by many producers. The problem seems to be the fact that next to the antenna on the left controller there is quite a large metal piece, so perhaps this is the cause.

The Company’s Response

At Forbes’ request, Nintendo declared that there is no widespread problem regarding Nintendo Switch, and that they are handling promptly any issue that might appear. They said that they are offering real-time support on the online customer support site and that they are permanently updating the information there. They are advising anybody who is encountering any issue with the console to check the page and to read there about the existing solutions.

Moreover, they said that the number of replacements requested for Switch, together with the Joy-Cons, is not significant. According to their answer, the number does not differ from any similar number that existed for any particular new hardware created by Nintendo. From what we see, the company has everything under control and are aware of the current issues, at least.

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