Nintendo Switch to Receive Batman: A Telltale Series

The hottest tech product in the world right now is undoubtedly Nintedo’s Switch hybrid console. The gaming system has only been launched in Japan and North America and it’s selling so fast that retailers are always looking to refill their stocks. The only downside about this new console is that there aren’t that many games for it. Fortunately, it looks this is going to change in the upcoming future since a Russian retailer mistakenly showed that the Telltale Batman Series is coming to Switch.

Telltale Batman Series Nintendo Switch Edition

Even though this information came as a courtesy of the Russian leak, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. The developers behind Telltale have announced for a while now that they are working on creating a special Batman Series Nintendo Edition. What we did not know is that it’s already ready.

Telltale’s Batman Series is already out but it’s only compatible with Xbox One PlayStation 4.  This game is quite special since it doesn’t feature the usual gameplay mechanics. Instead, Telltale has adopted a point and click adventure style of gameplay. While this might seem weird at first, it’s just perfect because it allows players to unravel the story at their own pace.

Nintendo Switch owners are hoping that Telltale will not stop at the Batman Series and also bring its other series such as The Walking Dead and Borderlands. Nonetheless, we can be sure that other major game developers will also launch special editions of their games that will be compatible with Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Makes the Competition Fiercer

Although Nintendo Switch doesn’t quite fit in the same category with Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it still competes against them on a daily basis. The entire gaming community should be happy about this because all three competitors will have to reduce their prices from now on so that they can have the upper hand. Maybe this trend will pass over to game developers as well and AAA titles will no longer cost $50. Nonetheless, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to get their hands on different games in the upcoming months. Until then, all that they can do is wait and play already existing titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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