Nexus 6’s Large Display to be Used on Pixel 2

Last year Google parted ways with Huawei and decided to design its “own-made” smartphone lineup. This is the story behind Pixel and Pixel XL. These smartphones are seen as Google’s vision of a perfect Android powered smartphone, and their hardware specs show us just that. Google didn’t shy away from equipping both of them with the best hardware parts available on the market and this is what makes both of them highly desirable.

Pixel 2 Is Coming

Now that Google has officially ventured into the smartphone world, everyone is expecting another Pixel offering. Google has yet to confirm the official date of Pixel 2 but the company’s Senior Vice President assured everyone that Pixel 2 is coming and that’s it’s going to stay premium.

Even better, Google even asked fans to help with design feedback. The already existing Pixel smartphones feature a very sleek design that’s been made special with the addition of the half glass back panel.

Nexus 6 to Inspire Pixel 2 Design

Rumor has it that Google is looking at Nexus 6 for design cues. Nexus 6 was created in collaboration with Motorola and it’s considered as being one of the most popular Android smartphones ever made. The smartphone ships with a minimalist design that doesn’t have any innovative features. Although the design is bland, this is what makes it special. While all other companies have tried to make their smartphones look shiny, Google and Motorola decided to stick with a classic look.

Pixel 2 is expected to keep its trademark half glass back panel, but its size might be expanded to be more similar to Nexus 6. This is actually quite plausible since Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus will also ship with a large 6.2 inch panel. Google definitely wants to be able to compete against Samsung’s smartphone flagship.

Nonetheless, Pixel 2 should be under works right now and we might be able to see some pictures of it during the upcoming months. Google is expected to launch Pixel 2 in October, but the Android parent might decide to unveil it a little bit earlier. The reason behind this is that both Samsung and Apple will launch their smartphones way sooner than Google.

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