Nexus 6P Now Comes with Android March Security Update

Google recently started rolling out this month’s security patch to all of its Nexus and Pixel smartphones. Worth mentioning is that while both Pixel and Pixel XL have received the update at the same time, this isn’t the case for the Nexus lineup. Nexus 5X has already received the update but Nexus 6P owners are still waiting their turn. Fortunately, the Android parent has confirmed that all Nexus 6P devices will receive the update this week.

Nexus 6P To Receive March Android Security Update

The update is being rolled out OTA (over the air) and it arrives under the “N4F26T” build number. Additionally, even though the patch fixes 60 security issues its quite small in size weighing in at 39M. The reason why not all of Google’s devices are receiving the update at the same time is because Google is rolling out the update systematically. This means that only 10,000 random Nexus 6P smartphones will receive the update each day.

Vodafone is the First Carrier to Roll Out the Update

Worth noting is that some Nexus 6P devices have already been updated. Nexus 6P owners who have bought their smartphone from Vodafone have already received the incremental security update. Nonetheless, Nexus 6P owners who use different network carriers will also receive the update during the upcoming days.

Android March Security Patch

As previously mentioned, the patch fixes 60 security threats. Google has confirmed that one of those threats is quite major. It seems like Google’s Android operating system has been affected by an exploit which allowed hackers to remotely access Android powered smartphones through MMS, email and web browsing platform. On the bright side, there aren’t any reports to show that someone was affected by this issue.

On another note, not all Nexus smartphone owners have been glad to receive this update. Nexus 6 owners should do their best in order to avoid download this month’s security patch because it will bug their Android Pay feature. We don’t know what’s causing this issue, but Google is definitely going to fix this problem through an OTA (over the air) software fix.

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