Nexus 6 Receives Operating System Downgrade back to Android 7.0 Nougat

The most talked about subject in the Android community is March’s Android security bulletin. Even though Google has developed this monthly patch so that Nexus 6’s overall security level is enhanced, Nexus 6 owners soon found out that March’s security bulletin has done something more. After updating the smartphone, Android Pay was automatically disabled on Nexus 6 devices.

Android March Security Bulletin Disables Android Pay

All Android powered smartphones have to pass the SafetyNet test so that mobile banking and online payments are permitted. Sadly, SafetyNet doesn’t recognize this month’s security patch and sees it as a threat. This is why Nexus 6 owners are not allowed to access Android Pay anymore. Fortunately, this news has reached Google’s ears.

Google Isn’t Able to Find a Solution

In order to get rid of this issue, Google started rolling out an operating system downgrade to Nexus 6 smartphones. The update brings the designated devices back to the stable public version of Android 7.0 Nougat. On the downside though, it looks like Google has yet to find a solution

The Nexus Community manager has even went on Reddit and urged Nexus 6 owners to downgrade their smartphone’s operating system. It doesn’t sound like we are going to see a OTA (over the air) software fix any time soon. Additionally, the Nexus Community manager has also stated that if the device still presents the same issue even after downgrading its operating system, Nexus 6 owners should just perform a factory reset.

When can we Expect a Software Fix?

Sadly, Google has announced that it’s not able to guarantee to confirm an official date. It’s surprising how this security update managed to mess things up so bad. Even though Google stresses the fact that user security is its top priority, bugs and glitches such as this one still manage to slip through the cracks. Although, taking in consideration the fact that Google has one of the largest developer team we can be sure that a software fix will arrive during the upcoming weeks. Until then, we advise Nexus 6 owners who have yet to upgrade their operating system to just avoid it.

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