Nexus 6 Receives March Security Patch from Verizon Wireless

Nexus 6 owners should be happy to hear that Verizon Wireless has started rolling out Google’s March security patch. The update is being delivered OTA (over the air) and it comes under the “NBD92D” build number. This monthly update is highly important since it enhances Nexus 6’s user experience and overall security level. Google knows too well that the internet is filled with malware and that’s why it keeps on rolling out monthly security updates.

Verizon Wireless Starts Rolling Out March Security Patch to Nexus 6

As previously mentioned, the update is being rolled out OTA. Therefore, Nexus 6 owners should connect their device to a stable Wi-Fi connection and keep their eyes peeled at the notification panel. Additionally, the smartphone should have at least 50 percent of charge so that the installation process doesn’t get interrupted. Another great advice would be to perform a complete data backup so that everything is protected in case something goes wrong.

March Security Patch Brings Unexpected Bug

Even though receiving Google’s latest security updates is always great news, this time we can’t say the same. We need to let Nexus 6 owners know that this month’s security patch doesn’t only enhance the device’s security but it also brings an unexpected bug. Recent reports are showing that some Android powered smartphone are not able to use Android Pay anymore.

Android Pay Doesn’t Function Anymore

It looks like Android smartphone owners have to choose between keeping their security tight or continuing to use Android Pay. Nonetheless, because Google’s Product Forum is filled threats with customers who are complaining about this issue we can be sure that Google is working on fixing this issue. Taking in consideration the fact that Google puts a high price on security, the Android parent is surely going to roll out an OTA software fix.

All in all, it’s great seeing that Google hasn’t completely forgotten about the older Nexus 6. Sadly, Google has made it clear that it won’t provide Nexus 6 owners with incremental operating system updates anymore when Android 7.1.2 Nougat developer preview came out. Although Google announced that it will keep on providing Nexus 6 owners with a constant stream of monthly security updates all throughout 2017.

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