Nexus 6 Receives Major Bug from Android March Security Patch

Google has made it official that it will no longer provide Nexus 6 with operating system updates. This was to be expected since the smartphone was launched back in 2014 and Google always tends to leave behind smartphones that have reached their two year milestone. On the bright side though, Google will keep on rolling out security patches to Nexus 6 all throughout 2017.

Nexus 6 Receives March Security Patch

Usually, when Google starts rolling out its monthly patches the entire Nexus community is happy. Well, this isn’t the case with the March security bulletin. Google’s Product Forum is filled with threads made by Nexus 6 owners who are complaining about the fact that after they updated their security, the smartphone started malfunctioning.

March Security Patch Brings Unexpected Bug

According to all the aforementioned forum threads, Nexus 6 is no longer able to pass the SafetyNet test. This is quite important since the sole purpose of this test is to make sure if the designated device is secure enough to perform mobile banking or payments. Therefore, Nexus 6 owners are no longer allowed to access Android Pay.

Google to Roll Out OTA Fix

Although this month’s security patch takes care of 60 system vulnerabilities, Nexus 6 owners are advised to avoid this update. Nexus 6 owners shouldn’t worry if they already managed to update their device. This issue has definitely reached Google’s ears and the Android parent is surely going to roll out an OTA (over the air) fix to all the affected devices.

The Android parent has rolled the incremental security update OTA and it arrives under the “N6F62U” build number for Nexus 6 devices. Sadly, even though Google stresses the fact that it puts a high price on security some exploits and bugs such as this one still manage to slip through the cracks.

Actually, the March security patch fixes one major exploit which allowed hackers to remotely get access to Android powered smartphones. We can be sure that this type of issues will not happen again in the future. Google always learns from its mistakes and doesn’t repeat them.

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