Nexus 6 March Security Update Comes with No Changes?


Later this week a new report appeared in which it’s said that Google has pulled the March Security 2017 update for the Nexus 6 phone. It is quite obvious that March security update has been made available once again and the Nexus 6 owners can enjoy the new version by downloading it. Even though it doesn’t seem like a change has been made with the new update, it looks like the previous one plus the build number is the same as it was before. The new change can’t be seen by users.

The new change was made because some users were facing hardships since Android Pay also looked like it was struggling with some issues that appeared after installing the new Android 7.1.1 update. Taking as source the details that have been made available to users, The SafetyNet API was the one that caused user experience problems. It has been reported that SafetyNet API have been disabling Android Pay or kept it from working properly without any logical explanation.

Meanwhile, Google’s Nexus account was studded with confused users who encounter problems with the new update. In response, they have said that they found the problem and that they engaged immediately to combat it. It seems that since then, no amendment has been made and no confirmation about what was actually the problem. Was SafetyNet disabled? Maybe a new patch applied? Nobody knows anything yet. Whereas the problem was immediately restored, there are speculations that say it was only a small change made to solve everything.

Overall, it seems like the new update is back and this time promises to keep away any inconvenience for Nexus 6 users. After the installation is done, everything should work properly. Those who wish to install the new version can do so (build number N6F26U). It is good to know that this issue was met only by Nexus 6 users. No other problems were reported with March security on other Nexus or Pixel devices.

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