Nexus 5X Owners have yet to Receive Google Assistant

Google surprised everyone during the Mobile World Congress when it announced that it’s going to make its virtual assistant an Android universal feature and not keep it as a Pixel exclusive feature. All Android powered smartphones that run on Google’s Marshmallow and Nougat operating systems are eligible to receive the feature. This means that Nexus 5X is also eligible to receive Google Assistant as well.

Google Assistant Starts Rolling Out

The Android parent didn’t waste any time and has already rolling out this major feature. A week has passed since Google begun rolling out the assistant and sadly, the process isn’t going as expected. Some smartphones have received it while others are still waiting. It looks like Google doesn’t have a schedule and is just randomly picking smartphones each day. If this proves to be true, it’s highly unprofessional.

Nexus 5X Didn’t Receive Google Assistant Yet

Even though the entire world was happy to find out that Google’s Assistant is now becoming a universal feature, the Nexus fan community was the most delighted. Google has received some harsh criticism in the past for not keeping Nexus smartphones up to par with the newer Pixel ones. Sadly, Nexus 5X smartphones owners are reporting that they have yet to receive the feature.

Reddit is filled with threads made by Nexus 5X owners who are complaining about the fact that Google Assistant hasn’t arrived. What’s interesting is that according to the Reddit posts, some Nexus 5X owners have actually received the update. When asked about this, the Nexus 5X owners who have received the feature have said that they didn’t do anything special and the feature has been automatically installed.

Additionally, the Nexus 5X owners who have received the feature have confirmed that their smartphone started malfunctioning after that. One Reddit user stated that his smartphone started randomly shutting down entering a bootloop state, therefore being rendered useless. The Reddit user was forced to call Project Fi support and tell them of his problem and surprisingly Project Fi decided to replace his device. This means that Google is aware of these annoying issues and its working on fixing them.

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