Nexus 5X now Supports LineageOS 14.1

The Android parent teamed up with LG back in 2015 and created one of the most popular smartphones ever made. We are talking about Nexus 5X. The fact that LG equipped it with impressive hardware parts while Google provided constant operating software updates has made Nexus 5X a consumer-favorite. Nexus 5X offers a pure Android experience alongside impressive hardware performances and that’s why it is still being used as a daily driver to this day.

On the downside, Google decided to part ways with LG and walk on its own path. This is how Pixel and Pixel XL came to life. While this might be great news for everyone, the Nexus community doesn’t see it that way because Google is trying to kill off the Nexus brand in favor of the newer Pixel one. Fortunately, Nexus 5X owners can still get their hands on Google’s latest updates as a courtesy of LineageOS.

LineageOS 14.1 for Nexus 5X

First and foremost, Nexus 5X owners are required to download the Lineage 14.1 custom ROM, root add-on and Gapps package. Additionally, the designated device needs to be rooted with a custom recovery tool such as TWRP. Not to forget is to download and flash root add-on package separately since LineageOS roots through ADB.

  • Connect the device to a PC via USB;
  • Duplicate the downloaded files on the device’s memory;
  • Boot it into TWRP recovery mode;
  • Select the “Wipe” option and then “Swipe to Factory Reset”;
  • Back to the TWRP menu, select the “Install” option and browse over to where the downloaded files have been duplicated to;
  • Select the LineageOS file and “Swipe to Confirm Flash”;
  • When the installation process is over, select the “Wipe Cache/ Dalvik” option and “Swipe to wipe” in order to confirm;
  • Repeat the previous steps for the Gaaps package as well;
  • Now to root for apps, download and flash the previously downloaded root add-on zip file;

If the aforementioned steps have been followed correctly, the Nexus 5X will run on LineageOS 14.1. We should mention that the first boot time will last longer than usual, but this is will only happen the first time.

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