Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X Along with other Android Devices Ship with pre-installed Malware

We have bad news for Android powered smartphone owners that have purchased their smartphone recently. According to study made by Check Point, a handful of Android devices shipped with pre-installed malware. The malware in cause is Windows based and it makes use of Android apps. The security team managed to detect 38 security threats that were on installed on the affected Android powered smartphones including Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X.

Nexus 5, Nexus 5X and Others Ship with pre-installed Malware

Check Point’s security team didn’t want to disclose who is the network carrier or company that sold these malware ridden devices, but it did confirm that it was a large multinational company. Additionally, Check Point stated that this malware was installed on the devices way before customers acquired them.

The malware was somehow installed while the devices were still in the factory. We should mention that among these 38 security vulnerabilities Check Point was able to find Loki and Slocker which are the top two most harmful malware, but we’ll go over them in a minute.

Malware Ridden Android Smartphones

  • Lenovo S90;
  • Lenovo A850;
  • Oppo N3;
  • Xiami Mi 4i;
  • Redmi Mi 4;
  • LG G4;
  • OppoR7 Plus;
  • ZTE X500;
  • Galaxy Note Edge;
  • Galaxy Tab S2 and S2;
  • Asus ZenFone 2;
  • Nexus 5;
  • Nexus 5X;

Loki and Slocker

These are the two most infamous Windows based malware. First off, Loki allows hackers to get access to the designated device without requiring a password or pin-code. This malware is quite scary because it basically means that hackers can access the entire information stored on the designated smartphone including contacts, private pictures and even text-messages.

On the other hand, Slocker is even scarier than Loki. While Loki specialized in staling personal information, Sloki specializes in something even worse. This is a ransomware virus that locks the smartphone and asks for money in exchange. This malware can be quite scary especially since smartphones have become quite an essential aspect of our everyday lives and having access to them is quite important. Additionally Slocker uses Tor as a mask, therefore the hacker’s identity is well hidden.

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