MWC 2013 Smartphones: What you Need to Know

MWC stands for Mobile World Congress, many of you do know that. The 2013 has unveiled some really remarkable new phones coming in to the market. Big mobile phone brands like Sony, Samsung, Nokia and LG have announced the release of their latest bombshells in the mobile world. Smaller brands have fought and made big news at the MWC. Smartphones were at their highest interest at the show. They highlighted some of the big brands and their new smartphones, upgrades, apps and new endeavors in the smartphone world.

Here are some of the highlights from the MWC:

LG and its smartphone family have had many surprises in the past couple of years. They released new and improved versions of the Optimus L series, including the L3-2, L5-2 and L7-2. They have promised to prove that the improved versions of the L series predecessors to perform better than before. New updates and upgrades have made their exhibition a much better than before affair.

Samsung took the MWC by storm, as usual. The new Galaxy Note 8.0 was finally released after a long session of rumors and speculations. The new Tablet hosts an 8-inch clear LCD screen with a mammoth quad-core 1.6 GHz processor and 2 gig RAM. The anticipated tablet is said to release in the second quarter of this year. The Galaxy grand was also announced, a cheaper version of the Note 2, but half the powerful features of the Note 2. The Xcover 2 is also anticipated for its arrival, the rugged phone is known to withstand your anger management classes.

Nokia came up with another feature on its good old Lumia. The 720 is the latest addition to the Lumia family between 620, 820 and 920. Although it does not have the mind-boggling features of the 920 or even the 820 for that matter, the 720 is fairly decent in its performance and specs. Nokia’s other endeavor is also the “affordable” category the 105 and the 301 were present at the show. But many claim that it was a real bad idea to do so.

Huawei surprised many of us at the MWC. They actually whipped up something called the world’s fastest smartphone. The Ascend P2 claims to be faster than the Galaxy S3. The P2 also shouts out to have the LTE CAT 4 network. That is the fastest 4G network known to man. Many phones have the basic necessity of being rugged, like the Xcover 2. Huawei have dropped the Ascend G350 for the world to see. A rock solid, glass shattering piece of stone you can probably call a phone.

Sony and the Xperia family have yet again surprised us with the Xperia Z. A 10.1 inch tab that is in battle with the iPad and Galaxy tabs. Jelly bean OS, Quad-core 1GHz processor make it a beast to use. Sony has not announced anything else as of yet. But they will definitely surprise us all.

Surprisingly Ford has come out with a smartphone app. The Ford Sync. It allows you to connect you to your Ford and stream music and lets your car and phone follow voice commands.

The smartphone world has seen a lot of new products and innovation in 2013. There is always room for more and more improvement. The battle to reach the top is always on between the Giants and the little ones. There will be more surprises coming soon from various brands by the end of this year. Mobile world Congress 2014 will be the dawn of a new era. Smartphones are here to stay.

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Karen Ford is a finance and tech blogger and loves to research on mobile phones. He works as a consultant in a claim for ppi firm.

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